Never legalize cannabis in Sweden



In 1970, it was 39 drug-related deaths. In 2012 it was 589 drug-related deaths. The drug-related deaths have  increased by 550 people. It's 550 human lives, 550 more families who lose a relative because of drugs every year and the numbers only rises. These numbers make me afraid. But what makes me even more afraid is that it is so easy to come by although it is not legal in Sweden.



Using drugs have become increasingly common in today's society. 15 year olds in today's society knows how to get hold of drugs but they hardly know how to write an essay in Swedish. Pretty sick parallel?

Some countries allow the drug marijuana , as the Netherlands and some states in the US but it is not allowed in Sweden and it will never be. Tes: I think that one should never, ever legalize marijuana in Sweden.


Argument 1 money SECOND STRONGEST:

the cost of drug abuse in the community was about 24 billion in 2008. Approximately 26 percent of the costs involved in health and social services and 27 percent consists of the cost of government authorities (eg police, lawyers and prevention). Indirect costs such as sick leave (the company and the state will lose it if people sick leave) constitute about 42 percent. The remaining five percent are costs incurred in the private sector, such as insurance and occupational health.

One company has presented a report which, through various numerical example tried to calculate what costs a person with active substance abuse annually causes. A male drug addict costs society around $ 1.7 million per year, while a female drug addicts approximately 1.4 million per year. I told you before that there were about 589 people who died of drug abuse, can you imagine how much money it gets in a year if you aisles 1.5 million with 589 people? There will be 8.8 million dollars per year. (something that is not legal, think of the increase if one were to legalize drugs)


Argument 2 Experience arguments THIRD STRONGEST:

  Everyone wants to be healthy,right? If youLegalize the drug it  increases the risk that people become severely dependent, which also affects family members. The family / might not handle the pressure /stress of a close person to them is mentally ill so even them might take care/ therapy, psychologist, etc. then it goes even more tax money to it. A friend of mine abused drugs, went into the juvenile detention center in little more than a year to recover. Destroyed his childhood, destroyed his education and need to make up for it now. He destroyed many parts of which makes his  body not healthy. "relative" had, after all, a constant concern in the body if he could manage, and if he had not gotten better it would have been his death. Such strong addictions can develop and he got this sick from using marijuana when it is not even legal in the country. Then consider how much worse it'll be if we legalize drogen- number of addicts will rise and if they don't get  enough care (eventually we  all will be needing  care) the event of deaths will be increased. Is this the future we want?



"It also has antipsychotic effects and are often a good remedy against depression and anxiety."

Then they must mean that one should smoke away their depression? To smoke away their problems, or drink away their problems; Yes, of course I understand that it feels good to free your feelings  but it only  helps temporarily. It's not a  life solution , you only solve your problems at the moment, for the evening. It will still come to a point where you are not under the influence of cannabis and then you're back in the real world again. There anxiety and depression exists, for example, if that's the trouble. You will always wake up the next day and not be influenced and  cannabis has not helped you in any way, it has only  damaged your body. (this may also pull paralell with alcohol and its abuses)

It’s this way people are creating an addiction, an addiction is when you are escaping from your problems. An abuse / dependence is when you are escaping from your problems in a bad way, you do bad and wrong acts to escape the things you need to deal with. Therefore I do not consider this argument is good enough "a good remedy against anxiety and depression," then you have them the claim that one should be high all the time? Every hour of every day to avoid feeling anything. I think it is unhealthy, if you don’t want to feel and think and are doing  drugs to avoid thinking and feeling. To avoid living.

Source of counterarguments:


Arguments 3 STRONGEST

 The highest human beings  for instance -presidents, the government; is talking about sustainable development. Sustainable future, sustainable society. Children begin with national tests already in year 3  just because children are our future, the government believes  that a good education starts when they are this young. How good will it be if you allow  drugs circulating in the community? How good is it for us people to have a future, how good is it for the country, the world in the long run? Drugs adds social problems, physical and psychological damage to the human being- how good workers will them be? People learn how to create dependent since it’s very easy when you’re using drugs, eventually this people will need to be hospitalized / receive care and then all the money will disappear which  I mentioned before. Politicians who are already are complaining that the money is not enough.




I do not think we should legalize cannabis in Sweden,

Firstly it costs  so much money which we could have been put on lots of other valuable things.

Secondly, no one feels good in the long run, it only affects people and society negatively.

Thirdly, a society of drugs does not hold in the long run, it destroys the sustainability of the elaboration


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